Thank you for choosing our practice for your eye care needs. McDonald Eye Care Associates has been committed to our patients and the community for over 40 years. We have created a very family-friendly atmosphere that appeals to children, parents, and seniors alike. Our commitment to healthy eyes is unrestricted, our goal is to help you see your best and preserve the health of your eyes using the best and most up to date optometric technology and testing, treatment, and management procedures available.

We believe personalized, professional and friendly care is what people expect from their eye doctor. Our optometric care starts from first contact and ends when you leave our office knowing you have the best information to make informed decisions about your eye care needs and services. We know you will have the best information to make decisions about all your eye care services from glasses and contact lenses to vision therapy

In addition to providing optometry services and selling optometric products, we are committed to supporting and improving the Lakeville-area community through education, community involvement, and sponsorship.

Please bring with you:

Health History: If you are unable to fill out the health history information prior to your visit, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

  • Fill out your Health History ONLINE before your appointment* 
    • *PLEASE bring your CONFIRMATION NUMBER with you! That will ensure you have completed the web registration AND save you time in the office!
      • If you have a long list of medications: in the other box type in “Bringing List” and please be sure to bring the list to your appointment and we can enter it for you.
    • If you are UNABLE to do your health history online, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • List of Medication including strength, form (i.e. tablet/capsule/liquid/IV), schedule
    • This includes over-the-counter medications, supplements and/or herbs/vitamins

Glasses: old and new

Insurance Card(s): have available at every visit

  • There have been many changes to insurance over the last few years. Please bring in your most recent medical insurance card(s), even if you have been seen at our office in the recent past.

Verify your benefits with your insurance company.

Please call your insurance company to verify your vision benefits. For your annual eye exams, please know if you have “routine vision” coverage, medical coverage, or if you have a separate Vision Plan. We are In-Network for Vision Service Plan (VSP).  Your exam cannot be re-submitted to your vision insurance if it has already been submitted to your medical. You can submit to your VSP for reimbursement. Here is more information on Out-Of-Network Claims for VSP. If you have a vision plan other than VSP we can still see you for your medical eye care needs.

  • You must be able to tell your doctor if you are here for a VSP, routine, or medical eye exam.
    • Click Here for more information on routine eye vs. medical eye exams.
  • If a Referral is needed: Verify your doctor is In-Network or bring in the proper form.

Contact Lens Prescription and Evaluation Information:

  • Contact lenses are a medical device and need to be evaluated every one to two years; In order to keep your contact lens prescription current. Just as you have grown, aged, and changed since your last visit, likely your eyes have too! There will be a fee for your Contact Lens Evaluation.
  • If you are new to our office please bring your most recent contact lens prescription OR a box/blister pack that has the name and prescription of your current contacts.

Below are some forms that may be useful in preparing for your visit:

McDonald Eye Care offers Optomap ultra-wide field retinal imaging! Click here for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your help with these sometimes complicated insurance issues.