At McDonald Eye Care we want everyone to be informed and educated about the coronavirus, COVID-19, and how it impacts the care of their eyes. The COVID-19 virus is most known for problems it can cause with a person’s respiratory system, but there are some eye considerations that we would like to share with you.

  • COVID-19 can cause redness of the eyes and mimic pink eye, although this is a rarer presentation than respiratory symptoms. Therefore, if a patient calls our office with symptoms of pink eye, we will ask about a recent travel history and if they have had exposure to anyone with COVID-19. If the answer is “yes” to either question, that patient will be referred to a clinic that is able to test you for COVID-19 – we do not have that testing capability here.

  • The COVID-19 virus is believed to spread from person to person through tiny liquid droplets created when an infected person coughs or sneezes. An uninfected person can then become infected if they touch something that has these droplets on it, and then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. The best way to avoid being infected in this way is to wash your hands effectively and often when exposed to someone with active COVID-19 respiratory disease. CDC states that people caring for a loved one with active COVID-19 infection consider wearing eye protection to prevent transmission. 

These precautions follow CDC guidelines to minimize the risk of transmission. We will update this communication if the CDC makes any changes regarding how COVID-19 can impact the health of your eyes. 

At McDonald Eye Care we take all reasonable precautions to protect our patients and staff from being infected with any type of communicable disease, including COVID-19. We ask that patients who have upcoming eye appointments with us keep these appointments unless they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, or have had an exposure or recent travel necessitating isolation. If a patient is not sure if they are okay to keep their visit with us, we encourage them to call us at 952-469-3937. Please do not show up unannounced to any medical provider, unless it is an emergency, if you think you have been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19.