Contact lenses have come a long way in recent decades. While contacts were once limited to tiny and hard-to-manage glass circles, they’re now made of breathable and flexible materials that feel comfortable in your eyes. Schedule your contact lens exam at McDonald Eye Care Associates in Lakeville, Minnesota, now to find out whether contacts are right for you. Book online or by phone at (952) 469-3937 anytime.

Contacts Q & A

Who can wear contact lenses for vision correction?

Nearly anyone can wear contact lenses for vision correction today. Even kids as young as eight years old are able to wear contact lenses responsibly in some cases. Contact lenses can help with:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Presbyopia

Contact lenses can also help with many other vision problems. Ask your McDonald Eye Care Associates optometrist if contacts can help with your particular vision issues.

What kind of contacts are available?

There are a huge variety of contact lenses available today, but they’re divided into two general categories: soft and hard.

Soft contact lenses

The most popular option is soft contacts. They’re made from a highly flexible soft plastic that’s curved to follow your eye’s natural shape. Most soft contact lenses are the disposable type that you wear for a day, a week, or some other period before replacing them with a new pair.

Hard contact lenses

Hard contact lenses, also called gas-permeable lenses, are very thin but highly rigid plastic. Hard contacts are often used for vision correction when you have eye problems. For example, keratoconus causes your cornea to bulge in a dome shape, and hard contact lenses can help reshape your cornea while they improve your vision.

Hard contacts are often less expensive than soft ones, but they’re more difficult to use. Your optometrist will help you choose the right option for your needs.

How do I get contacts?

To get your contacts, you’ll need a contact lens exam at McDonald Eye Care Associates. Your optometrist will check your vision and do a simple set of tests to determine the right contact prescription for you. McDonald Eye Care Associates has a wide variety of contact lenses on site, and you can also order replacement contacts online directly from our website.

If it’s your first time getting contact lenses, your McDonald Eye Care Associates optometrist will demonstrate proper insertion and removal techniques as well. If your child is getting contacts for the first time, it may take a bit of extra time but the team is fully committed to ensuring proper fit and proper education for contact lens wearers of all ages.

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