Glasses and sunglasses are now much more than vision aids: They’re also a way to express your personal style. McDonald Eye Care Associates in Lakeville, Minnesota, has over 800 options in frames, allowing you to express yourself in a way that’s uniquely you. Even better, today’s glasses and sunglasses have the most advanced technology. This includes blue light protection, transition lens technology, and much more. Schedule your glasses or sunglasses appointment now through the online tool or by phone at (952) 469-3937.

Glasses & Sunglasses Q & A

What type of lenses are available?

McDonald Eye Care Associates offers the newest generation of all lens types. This includes:

  • Single vision lenses with a single prescription throughout the lens
  • Digital lenses optimized for your unique vision needs
  • Eyezen+™ lenses that block harmful blue light
  • Progressive lenses that correct multiple vision issues in one lens
  • Occupational lenses made especially for limited environments like offices

No matter what type of vision correction you need, McDonald Eye Care Associates can help.

Why is blue light bad?

While digital devices are useful for work and leisure needs, they’re pretty hard on your eyes. Blue light exposure can eventually damage your retina, so it’s helpful to take control of this by limiting your screen time. However, since you need to use your devices for a number of reasons every day, it’s important to take the extra step of wearing protective eyeglass lenses.

Can eyeglass lenses protect me from blue light?

Yes. McDonald Eye Care Associates offers Essilor Essential Blue™ lenses, which give you triple the amount of blue light protection than an ordinary lens does. The lenses are still completely clear — no telltale yellow tint.

What can I do about eyeglass reflection?

Reflection can be incredibly annoying, and it might keep you from seeing clearly at all. McDonald Eye Care Associates offers Essilor Crizal® lens treatment to combat this problem. Crizal treatment can also reduce scratches, smudges, and UV light exposure.

How can I avoid switching between glasses and sunglasses constantly?

The newest transition lens options may be the perfect solution. The Transitions™ XTRActive® lenses protect your eyes both indoors and outdoors, adjusting as you move into different lighting conditions. You can choose custom mirror lens colors, including graphite, green-gray, brown, pink, green, blue, and more.

The Transitions Signature VII® lenses have photochromic technology that allows for quick lens color adjustments in any light and temperature. Color options include green, gray, brown, amber, amethyst, and more.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglass lenses?

The Xperio UV™ polarized sunglass lenses give you superior clarity, along with the maximum UV protection allowed in lenses. You can customize the lenses, choosing solid, gradient, or mirror-style lenses.

Ready to see clearly and look great while you’re at it? Book your appointment online or phone the office now.

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