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Sports vision training is becoming increasingly popular with athletes who want to take their game to the next level. When you consider all of the information that your eyes take in during an average game, it just makes sense that training your eyes to process that information better will yield some major benefits. If you want to vision-train your way to increased sports success, book a visit at McDonald Eye Care Associates in Lakeville, Minnesota, online now or call to schedule soon.

Sports Vision Q & A

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What is sports vision training?

Sports vision training is the area of optometry that focuses on improving the vision skills of athletes. Professional hockey players and other professional and semi-professional athletes have used sports vision training to take them to the next level of performance and skill.

What kind of skills can sports vision training give me?

It actually depends on what your focus is and what your individual needs are. Maybe you need better side-to-side eye tracking so that you can respond more quickly while you're playing, or maybe you want to improve your depth perception. Some of the many things that sports vision training can help with include:

Dynamic visual acuity

Better dynamic visual acuity means that you get improved ability to see the objects around you while they're in motion. This can help you see the split-second movements that you may otherwise miss.

Depth perception

Improved depth perception means improved ability to quickly determine how fast others are moving and how far away they are from you.


When you improve your hand-eye and eye-body coordination, you're better able to respond to visual stimuli. This helps improve your timing and overall control of your body.

Visual pursuit

When you improve your visual pursuit ability, you can better follow an object with your eyes. For example, you'll find it easier to track a basketball or hockey puck once your visual pursuit is better.

Visual acuity

It's important to improve your visual acuity when you're an athlete because better visual acuity means your vision is sharper and clearer overall.

Visual concentration

With better visual concentration, you'll notice better general awareness and an improved ability to tune out distractions.

Visual reaction time

Improved visual reaction time means that your brain processes information faster, and this allows you to physically react faster, too.


Visualization is something you can do at any time, but visualizing a positive outcome and making it happen may be easier after sports vision training.

What type of training will I have?

It's customized for your needs. One-on-one training happens at McDonald Eye Care Associates. You can also opt for team or group training, either at McDonald Eye Care Associates or at your practice facility. Off-site camp training is also available.

Want to sports-train your way to success? Book online or call the office now.

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